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Free ATM Placement

Let Vinco place, service, maintain and replenish an ATM in your business.  We take care of everything.

Increased Revenue

An ATM is a great way for your business to gain sales revenue and profit margin.  ATMS that dispense $20 incriments, are statistically proven to increase your sales by 10%.  In addition, save on your credit card processing fees by directing customers to your on-premises ATM.  You provide the location, we give you the profit.

Increased Traffic
Flow In Your
Remote Online

This feature enables merchants to monitor all transactions and check machine balances. 


Having an on-sight ATM is a guarenteed  way to increase foot traffic in your personal businesss.  ATMS offer convenience and ease.  Studies show that business with ATMS, have 25% more sales than those without.  Stop your custumers from spending elsewhere.


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